For a little inspiration, I took a look at a few other food blogs.  Very impressive! Most food blogs seem to incorporate a little of the author’s everyday life with their recipes. The Putney Farm blog is very impressive, well laid out and interactive.  They are available on several different social media websites such as Pinterest and Twitter.  I love their “Monday Mixology” section, plus it’s a creative name!

A Sweeter Thing is also impressive. So many choices to pick from yet easy to navigate. You can even contact the author if you have questions about any recipes. I especially like the “Favorites” page, gives me great inspiration if I can’t decide what to make!

I only hope my food blog is half as appealing as these two! However, I’ve never been much into social media or social networking so I think I’ll stick strictly to recipes and leave out personal info. I hope people with a fancy for pumpkin and a sweet tooth stop by and try some of my recipes.